Andrew Greiche (he/him/his) is a Chicago based actor and singer. He is represented by Shirley Hamilton Inc. Born and raised in New Hyde Park, New York with his mother, father and sister, he began acting at the age of five.

He began auditioning for various projects throughout the city of Manhattan and participated in various community theatre productions. Andrew’s love for theatre particularly blossomed throughout grade school where he took part in every theatrical production that he could and had the honor of being accepted into his high school’s multi-disciplinary arts program, STAC, the Student Television Arts Company, led by Luke DeLalio. It was there where Greiche learned to love and appreciate all art, as he firmly believes all art forms influence each other and in order to be a well rounded artist, we must explore all kinds of art. Throughout high school, Andrew took voice lessons with Tammy Hensrud, an opera singer and voice professor at Hofstra University and earned several awards from state and national voice competitions.

After Andrew graduated from Herricks High School, he moved to Chicago where he attained a BFA in Musical Theatre from the Chicago College of Performing Arts (CCPA). It was here where Andrew started studying voice with Rebecca Schorsch, a concert soloist and a lecturer in voice at CCPA. Andrew had the privilege of partaking in multiple shows at CCPA, which allowed him to further hone his craft.
Andrew is so incredibly grateful for the love and support his family has given him regarding his artistic endeavors, especially his mother, father and sister. He is extremely close with his family and loves exploring his Italian and Middle Eastern heritage. Their support truly means the world to him.

Throughout the many difficulties the pandemic has posed. Like so many other artists, Andrew lost his job when COVID-19 cases surged across the globe. But even with the world shutdown, Andrew still wanted to move forward. So, with the wisdom of Lara Freeman-Erbin, one the lovely agents at Shirley Hamilton, and the sound expertise Mackenzie Adamick, an Audio Engineer he befriended while working at the Alabama Shakespeare Festival, he put together a voiceover reel and dove into the depths of an artform new to him and one that he has quickly fallen in love with. He was also selected to participate in an online cabaret, directed by Linda Ray, a director and friend he worked with back in New York. You can find Andrew’s new voiceover reel and his cabaret content on his videos page. 

Andrew has been fortunate to have found artistic work post pandemic. Most recently, he understudied Will and Amos in the Marriott Theatre’s production of Big Fish. Now, he’s back on the hunt for the next adventure!